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released February 4, 2014



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rushmore beekeepers Austin, Texas

rushmore beekeepers brings an original take on folk, Americana, and indie rock. Zach Fountain usually performs solo on guitar, mandolin, octave mandolin, banjo, autoharp, ukulele, and other instruments. He has been writing, recording and performing since the late 1990s, and has released nine albums of original material. ... more

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Track Name: some deeper meaning
to get to where i’m going i’m gonna need a thick pair of boots
because i don’t know if it’ll be cold, it might rain or even snow
to get to where i’m going i guess i’d better read the news
because i don’t know what happened today, and i know i’ll need something to say

to tell you how i feel, i’m gonna need some christmas lights
wrapped around a hundred trees, the lightest rain and the softest breeze
to tell you how i feel, i’m gonna need a few more songs
wrapped around this old guitar and sung kinda poorly to wherever you are

to get to where i’m going, i may need a map or two
i’ll follow the trail wherever it goes, till i find myself on the right road
to get to where i’m going, i may need to get some rest
when i fall asleep will i dream and find in my mind some deeper meaning
Track Name: details (demo 1)
the highway stretches out further than i can see
with a choice of direction and everything waiting for me
taking in every sight i can
and hoping you are seeing the same things i am

there are times i don’t notice the details that surround me
other times i find i’m amazed by almost everything
like the feel of the road when i’m driving too slow
or how friendly people can be when they say “hello”
the crunch of leaves and dry grass under my feet
or the effortless way you look at me

some days i don’t leave my house and i’m perfectly happy
some days i can’t stand it, i’ll go crazy if i don’t leave
i need you so bad sometimes it hurts
but saying things like that just makes it worse
Track Name: a good impression
i used to be afraid of seeing ghosts
but now i wish i could
there are people i'd like to see again
and you, yeah you, yeah you, are one of them

i still have the book you said was your favorite
the last time we got together
i still can't bear to open it up
but i promise i will, i will, i will read it someday

never know when you’ll get a bad news phone call
never know when your days will end
i just hope to leave a good impression
and you, yeah you, yeah you, you know i love you
Track Name: more of the world
let’s hang up a map of every place we want to see
then we’ll make a list and visit each one, maybe randomly
i’m not restless but i’d love to see more of the world

it’s been a long time since we packed up for a long trip
and though the days fly by, i hope we never get used to it
i like routine but i’d love to see more of the world

it’s so easy to forget how many great things can happen in a day
and it’s hard to remember not everyone has something sarcastic to say
it’s so easy to forget how many great things can happen in a day
and it’s good to remember you can always find something nice to say
Track Name: the alien
as her car came to a stop
she asked herself why she thought
the world was full of aliens
the light turned green, she hit the gas
and behind the wheel of every car she passed sat an alien

everybody's so weird
i don't understand how they are still here
how could nobody else notice
the strange things taking place?

at the grocery store late one night
all her fellow shoppers and the clerks
had tentacles and buggy eyes
and she wondered why they all talked to her
like she was one of them

and when she was finally discovered
oh, what a scene she made
and they wondered how she'd gone that long
she is so weird, i don't understand how she's still here
but nobody else notices the strange things taking place

maybe she was just lonely and that made her crazy
or maybe she was just crazy
and maybe we're all monsters
disguised as other monsters disguised as something else
Track Name: misery loves
haven't seen you, friend
in oh so long
wonder how you're doing
if you're still keeping on

there was a time
we looked out for each other
we might not need that anymore
but sometimes i still wonder

if we still spoke
would i still be waiting
for a phone call informing me
you'd done something crazy

there was a time
we looked out for each other
wonder if i let you down
or if we let down each other

haven't seen you, friend, and i
know it's been some time
think about finding you
don't know if i have the right

there was a time
we looked out for each other
we may never be as lonely
as when we had each other